Woman on a White Dot Runway (Plexiglass)



Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” was inspired by a Peruvian mummy. This is one of many interpretations of the work. My desire was to create the kiss. Edvard Munch did that as well. I had a model, and placed her on a white dot runway with a crowd of onlookers with an appealing floor design.

Woman on a White Dot Runway Printing on Plexiglass

This artwork will be face mounted on plexiglass with aluminum backing and a back hanging metal frame.

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24”x 36” Edition Size 250, 30”x 40” Edition Size 250, 36”x 48” Edition Size 250, 40”x 60” Edition Size 225, 48”x 60” Edition Size 225

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