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It’s Lonely At The Top



This painting is available only as open edition or original on request.

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I liked to watch the sopranos on T.V. Anytime tony had to make a tough decision they would say that it must be lonely at the top. I thought to myself that there must be another lonely at the top besides somebody getting wacked. I couldn’t think of anything right away but I always thought about it. One day I was shopping at Nordstrom’s and saw this ridiculously heavy coat. Although I live in Florida, I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s something only an Eskimo would wear but I don’t know any Eskimos. I thought to myself “what would it be like to be an Eskimo?” Wouldn’t they be lonely at the top? That was it! I had this scene in my mind. Now all i had to do was bring it to the canvas.

It’s Lonely At The Top Open Editions

Open editions will use flat printing technique with no paint added. There will be no limit to the amount that will be printed. A certificate of authenticity will be included. There will not be any limited editions available in this series.

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