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Emoji Madness



This painting is available only as open edition or original on request.

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I spent another two years trying to think of something else some pattern or some design that would be very unique. I tried different colors, and different sizes. I was working with a lady who owned a gallery and she said to simply use black and white as this will blend in any living space. I took her advise. I lined up all the emojis and offer this painting as an open edition only. Limited editions are not available. Original art is available on request only. There are 108 emojis on this painting. I started an original with a size of 36×48” 1 ¾ inches deep. I have painted 36 out of 108 images. Each one is its own portrait and requires time to lay down layers of paint. If I had an offer I could go as large as 60×80” 2 inches deep. It would take three to four months of solid work to finish and I would charge a fortune for it. Having said that I am making them available as open editions only. These open editions will be unlimited in number and use flat printing technique without any paint on canvas only. A certificate of authenticity will be provided. They will be shipped in tube.

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30×40 1 ½ Inches Deep, 36×48 1 ½ Inches Deep (Shipped in a tube)