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Children Under The Sun


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At this point I got tired of painting these freehand abstract paintings I had been doing. I needed something else to pique my interest. I got caught up in emojis and thought to create a painting using them. I used six that were familiar and six that are original. I tried placing them on the canvas in an appealing way. When I was done, I felt it needed something else. I was up all- night thinking about what it might be. I looked out my window and the sun was beginning to rise in the sky. I got the idea to place the sun over the emojis and I named it children under the sun.

Children Under the Sun Open Editions

Open editions are a combination of 3-D and flat printing technique on canvas without any acrylic paint added. There is no limit to the quantity of open editions produced. A certificate of authenticity will be issued.

Children Under the Sun Limited Editions

Limited editions will combine acrylic paint with 3-D and flat printing technique on canvas. This edition will be limited to 100 pieces per size a certificate of authenticity will give a description of the painting. How many in the edition and the number that have sold. Limited editions are made to order. Allow three weeks for delivery.




30X40” ¾ INCHES DEEP, 30X40” 1 ½ INCHES DEEP