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Broken Heart


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I wanted to continue doing abstract art but with emphasis on heart art. I started by drawing a heart and then giving it some background. I did a number of these before i found something i liked. When I finished, I noticed that picture had all these lines going through it. I called it Broken Heart.

Broken Heart Open Editions

Open editions are a combination of 3-d and flat printing technique without any paint added on canvas. There is no limit to the number of copies that will be made. A certificate of authenticity is included with every purchase.

Broken Heart Limited Editions

Limited editions will combine acrylic paint, with a 3-d and flat printing technique. This edition will have a limit of 100 pieces per size. A certificate of authenticity will give a description of the painting the number of paintings in the edition and how many have sold. Limited editions are made to order. Allow three weeks for delivery.

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20X24” ¾ INCHES DEEP, 20×24” 1 ½ INCHES DEEP, 24X30” ¾ INCHES DEEP, 24X30” 1 ½ INCHES DEEP, 30X40” ¾ INCHES DEEP, 30X40” 1 ½ INCHES DEEP