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When I finished Broken Heart, I really liked this painting. I wondered what it would look like without those lines separating the colors. I thought to myself that I should do another painting without the black lines. When i completed the painting, I saw a heart without restriction or conditions. I decided to name it agape after the Greek word for an unconditional godlike love. A love that always forgives. A love that never dies.

Agape Open Editions

Open editions for this artwork will be printed with flat printing technique on canvas. They are without any paint or 3-dimensional embellishment. As open editions their will not be any limit to their production.

Agape Limited Editions

Limited editions will combine heavy acrylic paint with flat printing technique. This edition will have a limit of 100 pieces per size. A certificate of authenticity will give a description of the painting the number of paintings in the edition and how many have been sold. Limited editions are made to order. Allow three weeks for delivery.

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20X24” ¾ INCHES DEEP, 20×24” 1 ½ INCHES DEEP, 24X30” ¾ INCHES DEEP, 24X30” 1 ½ INCHES DEEP, 30X40” ¾ INCHES DEEP, 30X40” 1 ½ INCHES DEEP