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A Nice Duck


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When I was growing up my family had six cats. With cats, we always were looking for toys to keep their interest. I wanted to do something different with my art. Something that would take me in another direction. I thought to take one of their toys and make my own rendition of it. When I finished, I looked at the duck and said to myself “what a nice duck.” as you would guess that’s what I named it. Somebody might hang this in their children’s room.

A Nice Duck Open Editions

Open editions will use flat printing technique on canvas. No paint will be added. A certificate of authenticity is included.

A Nice Duck Limited Editions

Limited editions will combine acrylic paint with flat printing technique. Limited editions will be limited to no more than 100 pieces per size. A certificate of authenticity will give a description of the painting the number of paintings in the edition and how many have been sold. All limited editions are made to order. Allow three weeks for delivery.

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18×24” ¾ Inches Deep, 18×24” 1 ½ Inches Deep, 30×40” ¾ Inches Deep, 30×40” 1 ½ Inches Deep